WSGI AM 1100 and WDBL AM 1590

Welcome to Lightning Broadcasting,

Lightning Broadcasting LLC operates two AM radio stations in Springfield, Tennessee (28 miles north of Nashville). WSGI AM 1100 & WDBL AM 1590

 WSGI AM 1100 is a 1000 watt day timer featuring Country, Classic Country, Classic Rock 'n' Roll, and Rhythm and Blues.

WDBL AM 1590
is a 710 watt full timer (33 watts at night).


WDBL carries National News Talk, including The Hugh Hewitt Show, 5:00 'til 7:00 AM, Kilmeade and Friends  8:00 'til 11:00 AM, 
Dennis Prager, 11:00 AM 'til 2:00 PM, Mike Gallagher,  2:00 'til 5:00 PM, Larry Elder, 5:00 'til 8:00 PM and Mark Levin from 8:00 'til 11:00 PM.


We also feature a live, local talk show featuring Dick Veatch, who interviews local news makers, politicians, civic leaders, church leaders, and anyone else of interest to the citizens of Robertson County. This program, called 'Page Two', is on Tuesday through Friday from 7:00 'til 8:00 AM.

On Mondays, the 7:00 AM slot is filled with The Kerry Roberts Show

On Saturday, we kick things off at 7:00 AM with Better Horses Radio 'til 8:00 AM. 

From 8:00 til 11:00 AM,, On The House with the Carey Brothers, a home improvement show that takes your phone calls live on the air. 
At 11:00 AM, hear Dakota Livesay's Chronicle of the Old West, a fascinating look at stories and music
of the 1880s. 

At noon, listen to The Defense ShowLegends of Success and Under The Hood, a car talk show.

From  5:00PM until 7:00 PM, we carry Cruise Control, about all things automotive.


At 7:00 PM, Fat Guys at the Movies, followed at 8:00 PM 'til midnight by Hollywood 360, four hours of old time radio.


We carry SRN news at the top of each hour, 24 hours a day.



All times cited are Central.








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